Meet the managers of Zleep Hotels

We are always ready to assist you with any inquiries that you may have. You are more than welcome to contact our staff directly. Should you have any doubts about who is best placed to help, simply contact our reception on +45 70 235 635 and we will connect you to the staff member responsible.


Service Office

Peter Haaber

+45 51 57 87 00

Jesper Østerhegn
Executive Officer

+45 21 21 63 51

Per Denker Sørensen

+45 50 53 15 44

Anne Kirketerp Jensen

+45 51 57 87 01

Ghita Hessellund
Revenue Manager

+45 51 57 87 15

Tina Berning
HR Manager

+45 21 21 63 52

Lisbeth Simonsen
Director of Sales

+45 51 57 87 11

Sanne Færgsted
Area Manager, Sjælland

+45 51 57 87 06

Jytte Vestergaard
Area Manager, Jylland

+45 61 16 13 36

Maria Thomsen
Marketing & Communications Manager

+45 51 57 87 13

Lene Toft
Quality Assurance Manager

+45 51 57 87 12

Mohammed Majed
IT Manager

+45 51 57 87 14

Kirsten Paugan
Sales Manager, Jutland

+45 51 81 34 20

Sebina Christiansen
Project Coordinator

+45 24 61 50 30

Melanie Santos
Booking Manager

+45 30 60 46 35

Hotel Managers

Marta Bagniuk
Hotel Manager

+45 40 15 59 76

Trine Møller Larsen
Hotel Manager
Billund Airport

+45 20 31 86 35

Susanna Lund
Hotel Manager
Copenhagen Airport

+45 51 57 87 04

Manuela Iorga
Hotel Manager
Copenhagen City

+45 26 19 27 58

Lene Haslund Jensen
Hotel Manager

+45 31 77 63 90

Hanne Dyremose
Hotel Manager

+45 23 61 23 11

Ulrik Guldborg
Hotel Manager

+45 51 57 87 17

Sussanne Dyrby Højlund
Hotel Manager
Aarhus Viby

+45 24 79 72 30

Manuela Iorga
Hotel Manager

+45 26 19 27 58

Zleep Hotels is growing, but we want to maintain our open-mindedness no matter how big we get. We thus want everyone to feel part of our open culture – our colleagues as well as external partners and guests. Through internal and external newsletters, press releases and social media we attempt to inform about Zleep Hotels’ development in an interesting and engaging way. Simultaneously, we are aware that we are a learning organization; the growth that we are experiencing entails new colleagues and new partnerships who add new knowledge, more competences and value to the organization. For this reason, two-way communication is essential; questions, feedback and an open dialogue is the only way forward. That is why you can find contact information on our managers from the service office and the hotels.

Service office

Zleep Hotels has a service office located in Høje Taastrup. Here, we ensure that our colleagues at the hotels are able to focus on the most important tasks: to serve our guests with a smile and run the daily operations smoothly. Among other things, the service office is in charge of strategy development, project coordination, sales agreements, price optimization, marketing, financial control and IT. The departments’ most important tasks are to service the hotels and improve the guests’ experience. Below, you will find a contact person from all departments. Call us or send a mail. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. If you get through to the wrong person, we will of course help you find the right contact in the organization.

Hotel managers

You can always contact our hotels on +45 70 235 635. All phone calls go directly through our booking department, but if they are occupied, your call will be transferred to one of our hotels immediately so that you do not have to wait too long. Below, you will find the phone number and mail of each hotel manager. Usually, it is best to contact the main phone number, but once in a while it is necessary to contact the management. We are always available, and will do our best to answer your questions or refer you to other relevant contacts in the organization.

Information online

On this website you will most likely be able to find the answer to your question. If you search information on specific hotels, go to the hotel overview and find your hotel to read specific information about it. You can also read more about Zleep Hotels’ concept, history, corporate agreements, bonus card and much, much more. At the top of the page is a search function where you can search in all the content that is available on the website.