Corporate Agreement

Save up to 25% on hotel stayovers

Are you travelling on business? Do your colleagues have work to do far from home? Ensure your company saves up to 25% on your hotel stayovers. More than 1,000 companies are already taking advantage of our special discounted rates.




Let us take care of your needs

We are responsive to your individual needs, but we also understand that your requirements may differ from that of your colleagues. For example, if you just want to check-in and go straight to your room and relax, then please be our guest. However, you do have the option of lingering over a good cup of coffee or a cold drink while enjoying the always-free WiFi in our cozy lounge. If that’s the case, then go right ahead! Zleep hotels are characterised by our informal environment, which allows us to be there for you whenever you need it!

Your trip, your hotel, your discount

Several factors are considered when your discount is calculated. We strive to ensure that you get the best deal for your needs. All our agreements are regularly evaluated – should we notice that you have made enough reservations to qualify for a larger discount then we will immediately improve your rate.

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